Published On: Sat, Mar 21st, 2015 on 5:28 pm

Bradford brawl may or may not have been over wage, but it happens

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Upon reading the story of the fight taking place in Bradford, my attention drew to the women in the video who were complaining about their wage.

Philip Martins Bradford Assault

Before anyone jumps to conclusions I’m not saying that the fight happened because of a wage dispute or nothing happened before that may have shown another side of the story.

What I want to say is that many workers have been let down, and that included me some while ago.

My personal experience working for an employer was a harrowing one. My boss delayed my wage slips, never paid on time and even kept money. It became such a nightmare having to beg for money every day.

I sent letter of issues I had, had meetings, but it carried on and the boss kept making different excuses I found out to be untrue so I quit. But I let it slide because I was offered another job quickly and I couldn’t be bothered even though I could’ve taken them to court.

Since my departure, other people have had the same problems, but people seem to let it slide. Why? Is it because they can’t be bothered? Do they not feel that there is enough help?

My situation was a matter of both. I didn’t know where to go except the Citizens Advice Bureau, but how would it force my employer to stop doing what they did as it continued to hire staff who were being treated the same?

There is a lot of talk about zero-hour contracts, but basic employee standards being ignored is as much relevant. The CAB isn’t enough, authorities must crackdown on businesses not standing by their contracts or promises.

By Emily Khan, Bradford.

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